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(1880 - 1947)
Wisteria Maiden Fujimusume
- a woman dancing - see description below -

Signed:               Tsunetomi; with artist's seal
Publisher:          Committee for the Construction of Tsunetomi's Brushmound
Date:                   1959
Size:                    oban yoko-e (c.  27 x 36 cms / 10.5" x 14")

Excellent impression, color and condition.
- Silver mica highlights. - Very rare.

ref. no.:   # 702886
- Sold -
A large-head portrait (okubi-e) of a dancing woman, executed in the otsu-e style (Japanese folk art style introduced in the 17th century).

Tsunetomi's style is quite unique and stands out favourably against such renowned masters of bijin-ga ('pictures of beautiful women') as Goyo and Shinsui. As he had not designed many prints, Tsunetomi's prints are quite rare.

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