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ZESHIN, Shibata (1807 - 91) Crows in flight at sunrise

Signed:                     Eighty-one-year old man Zeshin
Sealed:                      Zeshin
Publisher:                Daikokuya (Matsuki Heikichi)
Date:                         1888   (variant state (?), probably printed later*)
Size:                          shikishiban  (c. 26 x 24. 5 cms / 10" x 9.5")

Excellent impression, colors and condition.

ref. no.: #712635
Price:  € 680.00
"Zeshin has effectively conveyed to the print medium the boldness of design that was characteristic of his lacquerware, positioning three birds diagonally across the upper triangle of the composition." ('The New Wave')
* There are versions with and without the red artist's seal, both without the black border. Our impression shows minor differences in the crows' outline.

The new Wave; London/ Leiden, 1993.

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