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SHUNSHO, Katsukawa
(1726 - 92)
from: Ehon butai ogi -
('A Picture-Book of Stage Fans')

Sealed:                         Shunsho
Publisher:                    Kariganeya Ihei
Published:                   Meiwa 7 (1770)
Size:                              hanshibon (25 x 16 cms / 9 7/8" x 6 1/4")

Fine impression and color, very good condition, with
exceptionally well preserved colors for such an early ukiyo-e.

ref. no.: #712640
Price:  € 490.00
This print is from one of the two "finest of all colour-printed picture books" (J. Hillier, op.cit.), the early masterpiece in Japanese book illustration, Ehon butai ogi (3 vols.), depicting 121 portraits of actors from the kabuki stage in a fan-shaped cartouches, a collaboration between BUNCHO and SHUNSHO, published in 1770. - This illustration depicts the actor Arashi Otohachi II (fl. 1770-1805).

The extremely rare and expensive, complete three-volume book publication almost never shows up for sale. - A facsimile edition of 1917 is available  H E R E

Jack Hillier, "The Art of the Japanese Book", London, 1987; vol. I, pp. 330-335.

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