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KIYOCHIKA, Kobayashi   (1847 - 1915) Kodai-moyo  ('Ancient Patterns: Patterns of the Heian era')
'The poetess Sei Shonagon' (author of The Pillow Book)

Signed:                        Kiyochika
Artist's seal:               Kobayashi Kiyochika
Publisher:                   Takekawa Seikichi
Dated:                         1896
Size:                             oban triptych (c. 36.5 x 24 cms / 14.3" x 9.5", plus margins, each sheet)

Excellent impression, colors and condition. - Full paper size
with margins; three separate sheets as issued.

ref. no: # 712650
- Sold -
The series is discussed in:  Henry D. Smith II, "KIYOCHIKA - Artist of Meiji Japan"; Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1988; pp. 100-101.

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