HIROSHIGE II: Sixty-eight Views of the Various Provinces

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Sixty-eight Views of the Various Provinces
('Shokoku rokuju hakkei')
- The complete series -

artist: Utagawa HIROSHIGE II (1829 - 1869)    -    publisher: Tsuta-ya Kichizo (Koeido)
Size: chuban tate-e (c. 25 x 18 cms / 10" x 7", each)
- Published: 1862

Condition: Very good impression and color. - Occasional soil from use, some slight stains or color
transfer (mainly among the first and last prints in the series), occasional wear to margins not
affecting the actual design, else mostly good to very good overall condition. - No wormholes.

Ref. no.: # 712652   -   S O L D

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nos. 1-2:
Mt. Arashi, Yamashiro province /
Mt. Ikoma, Yamato province

nos. 3-4:
Hirakata, Kawachi province /
Fukei Bay, Izumi province

nos. 5-6:
River-mouth near Osaka, Settsu province /
Nabari, Iga province

nos. 7-8:
Summit at Suzuka, Ise province /
Peak at Isobe, Shima province

nos. 9-10:
Matsukaze village, Owari province /
Goyu station, Mikawa province

nos. 11-12:
Bay, Totomi province /
Mt. Kuno, Suruga province

nos. 13-14:
Monkey Bridge, Kai province /
Cape Iro, Izu province

nos. 15-16:
Creek, Sagami province /
Kanazawa, Musashi province

nos. 17-18:
Nokogiri Mountain, Awa province /
Shiratori Mountain, Kazusa province

nos. 19-20:
Outer Beach, Kazusa province /
Mt. Tsukuba, Hitachi province

nos. 21-22:
Summit at Surihari, Omi province /
Ochiai Bridge, Mino province

nos. 23-24:
Norikura Peak, Hida province /
Kume Road Bridge, Shinano province

nos. 25-26:
Naka Peak, Kozuke province /
Urami Waterfall, Shimotsuke province

nos. 27-28:
Yanaizu, Mutsu province /
Mt. Chokai, Dewa province

nos. 29-30:
Mt. Matsuo, Wakasa province /
Tojinbo, Echizen province

nos. 31-32:
Mt. Haku, Kaga province /
Fukuura Harbour, Noto province

nos. 33-34:
Etchu province /
Echigo province

nos. 35-36:
Gold Mountain, Sado province /
Tamba province

nos. 37-38:
Ama-no-Hashidate, Tango province /
Iwai Valley, Tajima province

nos. 39-40:
Karo on Lake Koyama, Inaba province /
Mt. Mitoku, Hoki province

nos. 41-42:
Hirose, Izumo province /
Mt. Takatsu, Iwami province

nos. 43-44:
Night-fishing (?), Oki province /
Takino, Harima province

nos. 45-46:
Yamabushi Valley, Mimasaka province /
Fujito Crossing, Bizen province

nos. 47-48:
Sazuka River, Bitchu province /
Tomonotsu, Bingo province

nos. 49-50:
Ondo, Aki province /
Morozumi, Suo province

nos. 51-52:
Akamagaseki, Nagato province /
Waka Bay, Kii province

nos. 53-54:
A bay, Awaji province /
Whirlpool at Naruto, Awa province

nos. 55-56:
Tsuda Bay, Sanuki province /
Mt. Ishizuchi, Iyo province

nos. 57-58:
Tatsukushi, Tosa province /
Hakozaki, Chikuzen province

nos. 59-60:
Yanaze, Chikugo province /
Rakan Temple, Buzen province

nos. 61-62:
Whirlpools, Hita, Bungo province /
Mt. Inasa at Nagasaki, Hizen province

nos. 63-64:
Suma River, Higo province /
O-Shima, Hyuga province

nos. 65-66:
Mt. Sakurajima, Osumi province /
Bonotsu, Satsuma province

nos. 67-68:
Shizukuri, Iki province /
Ship along the coast, Tsushima province

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