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Birds and Flower prints section

vol. I: Spring

vol. III: Autumn
Imao KEINEN (1845 - 1924)
A book of Drawings of Flowers and Birds by Keinen
('Keinen kacho gafu')

- The complete four-volume illustrated book containing
one hundred and sixty-four (164!) large, oban-sized (!) prints,
among them: 106 SINGLE-SHEET prints and 29 DIPTYCHS.

Publisher: Nishimura Sozaemon, Kyoto - Engraver: Tanaka Jirokichi
Size: oban tate-e (37 x 25.5 cms / c. 14.5" x 10") each volume,
complete with table of contents (names of birds), illustrations
numbered in kanji in top margin. - Published: 1891-92

Excellent impression and color of the original Japanese edition
with the page numbers in kanji (editons for export carry arabic
numerals). - Near mint. - No wormholes. -

"Perhaps the most beautiful work of its kind ever printed in Japan"
(L.N. Brown: "Block Printing and Book Illustration in Japan"; 1924).

"... the finest, and one of the most splendid productions
of the Meiji period, is 'Keinen kacho gafu' .."

(Jack Hillier, in: "The Art of the Japanese Book"; London; 1987.)

Other example: : The Happer Collection,
sold at: Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge; 27th April, 1909.

Ref. no.: # 712763

vol. II: Summer

vol. IV: Winter

Sample pictures (out of 164 of the four volumes):
(CLICK on a picture to view its full-size version.)

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