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SUKENOBU, Nishikawa
(1671 - 1750)
Palanquin Procession
from an album with scenes of Edo

Signed:                        (album print, therefore unsigned)
Date:                            c. 1710
Size:                             10 1/4" x 14 3/4" / 26 x 37.5 cms

Excellent impression. - Centerfold, a few small
wormholes, reinforced bottom edge, else in very
good condition, taking into account the old age!
Very RARE!

ref. no.: # 722847
- Sold -
This is an album print, not a bookplate (!), from the earliest days of 'Ukiyo-e', over three hundred years old and published sixty years before the advent of full-color printing (1770).

The scene depicts a young lady carried by porters in a palanquin down a street with houses. The woman has opened the sliding door of the palanquin, allowing her to watch a young woman (her servant?) being approached by a young boy, a street vendor offering printed paper sheets (poems??), his right hand slightly streched out, apparently asking for payment. The standing woman holds coins between the fingers of her right hand. Behind the boy a man with a sword, touching his head with his left hand, looking somewhat irritated (?).

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