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(1839 - 1892)
Biographies of the Loyal Retainers
(aka the 'Forty-seven Ronin'):   Yazu Uemonshichi

Signed:                         Yoshitoshi hitsu
Date seal:                     2.1869
Publisher:                    Maru-ya Jimpachi ('Maru-jin')
Size:                              chuban tate-e (c. 25 x 18 cms / c. 10" x 7")

FINE impression, with fresh, unfaded colors; four tiny
binding holes along right margin, else in fine condition.

ref. no.:  # 732877
Price:     € 360.00
The series, "Seichu gishi meimei gaden" depicts portraits of each of the Forty-seven Ronin and their enemy, Lord Kita. Each numbered print includes a biography, the full and posthumous names, and the age at death of the retainer.

Reference:   Keyes, no. #255.27

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