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Pictures compared to the chapters of the Genji novel
- chapter #38: Suzumushi -

Signed:                         Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga
Date seal:                     1845-46
Censor's seal:              Murata
Publisher:                    Ise-ya Ichibei
Size:                              oban tate-e (c. 36 x 24.5 cms / c. 14 1/4" x 9 1/2")

Very good impression and color, album backing,
right margin renewed, else in very good condition.

ref. no.:  # 732882
- Sold -
Chapter #38, entitled: Suzumushi; the print depicts Fukuoka Mitsugi fighting against three attackers, while at the same time he is cutting off several lanterns.

B.W. Robinson, KUNIYOSHI - the Warrior Prints; series: S45.38, p.130.

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