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EISHI, Hosoda
(1756 - 1829)
Uchikawa (fluteplayer) serenading Lady Joruri.
A lady in waiting holds a lantern.

Signed:                        Eishi ga
Publisher:                   (seal unread)
Censor's seal:             kiwame
Date:                           1790s
Size:                            hashira-e (c. 63 x 12 cms / c. 24 3/4" x 4 3/4")

Very good impression; good color and condition,
taking into account the age and usual flaws of a
pillar print, as, e.g., slight paper crease, minor
surface soil, and very few, inconspicuous, tiny
paper thinnings; thin backing.

ref. no.: # 732977
Price:  € 3,950.00
Jacob Pins, The Japanese Pillar Print; London, 1982; ill. no. #876, p. 310.
Gian Carlo Calza, Le stampe del mondo fluttante; Milan, 1976.

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