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(1807 - 73)
Kanadehon Chushingura
- 'The Treasury of Loyal Retainers', act IX

Signed:                      Sadahide ga
Publisher's seal:       Kawaguchi-ya Uhei
Date:                          prior to 1842
Censor's seal:            kiwame
Size:                           oban yoko-e (c. 25 x 38 cms / 9 7/8" x 15")

VERY FINE impression and color of the FIRST EDITION;
remnants of three tiny paper hinges au verso; FINE overall condition.

ref. no.: # 732988
- on hold -
In act IX of this famous rervenge drama, - which is based on actual events of the yers 1701 to 1703, Honzô appears at Yuranosuke's villa at Yamashina, disguised as a komusô.

Sadahide, ukiyo-e printmaker and illustrator, - worked in Edo and Yokohama -, was a pupil of Kunisada. He designed traditional Japanese subjects and some prints in the Osaka manner. Later designed and became known for his Yokohama-e, prints of contemporary industrial scenes and foreigners, as well as some political cartoons.
Sadahide was one of only eleven Japanese printmakers who presented their works at the Paris Exposition of 1866, receiving the Légion d'Honneur for his part in the exhibition. . His effective and decorative prints often show the influence of Western perspective and chiaroscuro.

SADAHIDE's prints are represented in numerous worldwide museums collections of Japanese prints, as, e.g., the: Albertina (Vienna), Art Institute of Chicago, British Museum (London), Brooklyn Museum (New York), Cincinnati Art Museum (Ohio), Fogg Art Museum (Cambridge, Mass.), Honolulu Academy of Arts (Hawaii), Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Musée Guimet (Paris), Philadelphia Museum of Art (Pennsylvania), Riccar Art Museum (Tokyo), Staatliche Museen (Berlin), Tokyo National Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum (London), a.o.

A short list of reference books and catalogs is available upon request.

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