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HOKUSAI, Katsushika
(1760 - 1849)
View onto both shores of the Sumida river ('Ehon Sumidagawa ryogan ichiran')
- Heavy rain on the Shin-Yanagi Bridge -

Published:                c. 1805
Size:                          c. 22 x 30 cms / c. 8 1/2" x 11 3/4")

EXCELLENT impression and color; common
with single designs from illustrated Japanese
books ('ehon'): the two pages are joined;
fine overall condition.

ref. no.: # 732990
- Sold -
One of the best known and most spectacular designs from Hokusai's early masterpiece in the field of woodblock-printed, illustrated books is the view of the Shin-Yanagi bridge in heavy rain. - The three-volume work was published in 1805 and belongs to one of Hokusai's most famous illustrated books: all illustrations of the three volumes form one single view of the scenery along the banks of the Sumida river.

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Hillier, Jack: "The Art of Hokusai in Book Illustration"; 1990; ill. p. #44/45 and on the cover.

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