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BOSAI, Kameda (1754 - 1826) Kyochuzan
'Mountains of the Heart'

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"Kameda Bosai was one of the leading Nanga-artists of his time. He was well known as a painter,
calligrapher and book illustrator, but he was also in frequent demand as a writer of prefaces to
other artists' books or for colophons of their paintings. Bosai's single-volume book, Kyochuzan is
accepted as one of his masterpieces in Nanga-style. Undoubtedly, this wonderfull woodblock printed
book was already highly appreciated in Japan in the 19th century, because several editions appeared.
But also in the West this book influenced and stimulated many artists of the impressionist and post-
impressionist movements. Unfortunately, many questions concerning the various versions of this book
are still not answered and need to be reinvestigated."
(Gerhard Pulverer, in 'Andon', no. 50 - see reference list below)


1 volume; complete; covers with karazuri figured decoration; title in black ink on yellow slip.

Inside front cover: title page showing primary title Kyochuzan and secondary title, Bosai sensei
, publisher: Susan-shobo.

1 sheet (unnumbered): preface, 2pp., dated Bukna 13 (1816), signed: Bosai -rojin, sealed:
Bosai-kanjin & Choko Wa.

Sheets 1 - 17 (numbered): landscape designs (in line with soft colors), captioned and variously
signed; p.17 (verso): 1st closing note, 1 p., dated Bunka 13 (1816), signed: Ko, sealed:
Choko Wa (Bosai).

1 sheet (unnumbered): 2nd closing note, 2 pp., dated (internally): Bunka 13 (1816), signed:
Simbai-so Kikuto-rojin (no seal), calligraphy by Shoryu-sansho (no seal).

Inside back cover: colophon, dated Bunka 6 (1809), with the publisher's name: Suwaraya
(Edo). *

* This publishing date in the colophon, Bunka 6 (1809), contradicts both the publishing dates given in the preface and postscripts (Bunka 13, 1816) and was already questionable in the past. Printed letters and paper quality of this colophon are quite different from the rest of the book. The 1809-dated colophon is wrong and should be understood as the result of careless bookbinder pasting.

Recommended reading:
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- Mitchell (ex Lane), British Museum, Isaac, Odin, Ryerson, Strange, Brown, Duret, Holloway, Ravicz, Hillier, Pulverer, a.o.

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