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UTAMARO, Kitagawa (1753 - 1806) Seiro Ehon Nenju-gyoji
'Yoshiwara picture book: Annals of the Green Houses'

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ARTIST'S SIGNATURE: Edo eshi Kitagawa sha / Murasakiya Uta-maro
hitsu / kogo monjin Kikumaro, Hidemaro,
Takemaro, Uta-maro, Minamoto-shi
ARTIST'S SEAL: Uta-maro, Minamoto-shi
BLOCK CARVER: Fuji Kazumune
PRINTER: Jakushodo Toemon
PUBLISHER: Kazusaya Chusuke juo
TEXT BY: Jippensha Ikku

2 volumes; complete; original covers, blue, embossed with lanterns bearing the crests of high-
ranked courtesans. Printed: "Seiro ehon Nenju gyo-ji kan / kon", on buff slips pasted in top
left corners of covers
27 leaves; 1 single title p. inside front cover, 4 single pp. of preface, 4 single pp. of notes, 1
single p. opening ill., 2 single pp. of contents, 10 double p. ills., 23 single pp. of text.
22 leaves; 1 single p. opening ill., 9 double p. ills., 22 single pp. of text, 2 single pp. advertising
a sequel, 1 single p. of publisher's colophon (see above).

Nenju-gyoji, one of Utamaro's famous illustrated books has been discussed in all major reference works of the last one hundred years, more recently by Shugo Asano and Timothy Clark, in their beautiful catalog published on the occasion of the extensive Utamaro exhibition held at the Bristish Museum and the Chiba City Museum of Art, in 1995.
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