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TAITO II, Katsushika  (fl. 1810 - 53) Banshoku zuko - gohen
('Designs for artists - vol. V')

Front cover

Publishing details:

Publisher:            Gungyokudo (Kawachiya Mohei); Osaka
Date:                      1850
Size:                      hanshibon (c. 22. 2 x 15. 2 cms / c. 8 3/4" x 6")

vol. V (of 5); 32 sheets, numbered 1-32, 62 pp. with
color illustrations, 2 pp. preface, and 1 p. colophon.

Fine impression, colors and condition.
The usual (minor) wear from use to covers only.

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Title page & preface

Katsushika TAITO (Fujiwara, Kondo), ukiyo-e painter, print artist and illustrator, was one of HOKUSAI's best pupils who, in 1820, gave him his name: Taito (Hokusai's name from 1811-20). From that date on, Taito's works are signed 'Katsushika Taito', or 'Genryusai Taito'. He is generally referred to as 'Taito II'. He had the closest working relationship with Hokusai among all the master's pupils. He had collaborated on early volumes of Hokusai's manga and other illustrated books.

The five volumes of 'Banshoku zuko' had been published over quite a long period of time, starting in 1827 with vol. I, and ending with vol. V in 1850. As always with manga books, each volume stands on its own. Similar to his master's outstanding work, the Hokusai manga, Taito covers a wide range of subjects, from landscapes and kacho-e to all sorts of figure studies. His enormous talent is clearly evident in this beautiful manga book.

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