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Artists of the early 20th century
Creative Print Movement (sosaku hanga)
and Contemporary Artists

Nishiki - A narrow
street with restaurants.
- Limited edition no.: # 22/50

KOKEI, Tsuru-ya

EIGHT limited edition prints by the artist are shown in the


KOBASHI Yasuhide
Folder with six woodblock prints (four samples are shown above) inscribed Kobashi, plus one single page colophon,
and an info sheet by the renowned scholar and expert on the sosaku hanga ('creative prints') movement, Oliver Statler.


TORAJI, Ishikawa
These two works are shown
in the BIJIN section.

SEKINO, Jun'ichiro
Boy with Dog and Cat
(ed. 39/100)

AZECHI, Umetaro
A Rope
Limited ed. no. #88/100.

SAITO Kiyoshi
Nara 'B'
 Limited ed. no. # 77/200.

SUIZAN, Miki (1887-1957)
The Hozu Rapids in Early Summer
- SOLD -


SEKKA Kamisaka
Prints from: Chigusa ('A Thousand Grasses') and Momoyo-gusa ('A World of Things')
-  Sekka's renowned masterpiece series in pattern design, published by UNSODO in 1899-1903 and 1909-10  -

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