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(1786 - 1865)
Woman holding a tray
from: 'A Game of Juroku-musashi'

Signed:                        ki-o Toyokuni ga
                                     ('seventy years old Toyokuni')
Publisher:                   Hirooka-ya Kosuke
Date:                           1862
Size:                             oban (c. 37. 5 x 25. 5 cms)

Very fine impression, color and condition, printed on thick
DELUXE PAPER, with lacquer overprinting, areas of blind
printing. Full paper size. - MINT - and EXTREMELY RARE.
Stylisticly important work from the artist's late period.

ref. no.: # 53 1134
Price:  € 1,750.00
From a rare series of portraits of women of Kunisada's later period, luxuriously printed on thick deluxe paper.
The series' complete title reads: Mitate juroku musashi no uchi ('A mitate of the sixteen points of the compass on a children's game board').

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