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Kobayashi EITAKU
(1843 - 90)
Emma-o, the King of Hades, sitting in judgement

Watercolor on paper: sumi (black ink) with shades of gray.

Signed:               Eitaku
Date:                  1870s-80s
Size of sheet:     24 x 16.&nbssp;5 cms / c. 9 1/2" x 6 1/2"

This is a sample from our catalog:   Japanese drawings - part I

Condition: fine

ref. no.:  # S 1289
- Sold -
EITAKU in his parody of a worldly court session, performed by EMMA-O, the king of Hades, proves his fine skills as one of the best illustrators of his time; he also was a skilled painter. Finished watercolor drawing, probably for an illustrated book or magazine.
Kobayashi EITAKU, born in Edo, was a Japanese-style painter, printmaker and illustrator, pupil of KANO EITOKU TATSUNOBU (1814-91). Eitaku first worked in the kano tradition, later studied the nanga manner. He finally developed his own style of realistic painting. Eitaku specialized in historic subjects and figures, including at least one illustrated book on children's games; also did illustrations for the Manichi Shimbun.

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