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SAWADA Tetsuro
(1935 - 1998)

Signed:              T. Sawada (in pencil)
Dated:                March, 1988 (in pencil)
Size:                   c. 79 x 55 cms / 31 by 21 5/8 in.

Limited edition: no. #62/135 (numbered in pencil)

MINT. - With elaborate gradations of black color tones,
and areas of lacquer overprinting. Wide margins (partially
cropped in this illustration). A large-sized print.

ref. no.: # 54 1322
- SOLD -
"The skyscapes of SAWADA (executed in a brilliantly polished silkscreen technique) have become known and admired in many countries of the world, for their appeal seems to be universal. Sawada was born in Hokkaido, where the clearer northern skies, especially in winter, must have provided the first origins of his subject-matter. Since becoming a successful international artist, he has had continuing opportunities to observe the sky in all its moods from the aircraft which he travels in so often to exhibitions around the world. In his explorations of the sky, Sawada has moved far from the artistic traditions of East Asia, where until the late nineteenth century it was usual to express the sky in paintings by simply leaving the paper or silk blank. - The artist had studied at Musashino University of Fine Arts and lived in Tokyo."

Quote from:
Lawrence Smith, "Contemporary Japanese Prints - Symbols of a Society in Transition", British Museum, London,
and The College Women's Association of Japan Print Show, Tokyo, 1985; p. 39, and, col. pl. no. 55.

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