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EISEN, Keisai
(1790 - 1848)
"A Contest of Modern Beauties" (Jisei bijo kurabe)
"Geisha of the Eastern Capital" (Toto geiko)

Signed:                        Keisai Eisen ga
Publisher:                   Sano-ki
Censor's seal:             kiwame
Date:                            c. 1825
Size:                             oban tate-e (c. 37. 7 x 26 cms / c. 14 7/8" by 10 1/4")

Fine impression, very good color, fine condition.
Provenance: Huguette Berès collection, Paris (round seal au verso).

ref. no.: # 622020
Price:  € 3,500.00

A beautiful impression of this renowned OKUBI-E ('large-head portrait').
"The print shows a geisha applying make-up to her eyebrows with a brush. She is gazing intently into a mirror, which she is steadying with her left hand. Her kimono is (red)-striped (*) with a pattern of rhombs made up of opposed butterflies with spread wings ... In style and conception this print by Eisen, and a few other similar prints that he produced, are reminiscent of the Utamaro half-length girls of a generation earlier. The fashions have changed but the powerful design and composition produce the same impact." (R. Illing, op.cit.)

- Richard Illing, "Japanese Prints from 1700 to 1900; London, 1976; no. 65. The cover illustration of this over-sized
  publication - (*) see picture at right - shows a variant state, with blue, instead of the red stripes of our version.
- Ota Museum of Art, "Keisai Eisen ten, botsugo 150"; Tokyo, 1997; p. 36; col. ill. no. 99.

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