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WADA, Sanzo   (1883 - 1968) "Japanese Vocations in Pictures"   (Showa shokugyo e-zukushi)
- Photography class -

Signed:                     Sanzo with two seals
Publisher:                 Nishinomi-ya Shoin
Date:                         1939
Size:                          dai-oban tate-e (c. 39 x 29 cms / 15 3/8" x 11 3/8")

Excellent impression and color, near fine condition.
Strong paper embossing. Printed on deluxe paper.

RARE FIRST EDITION impression. - Limited to 300 impressions. -
This impression of the print is from the original pre-war, limited edition set,
published by Nishinomiya Shoin (a later post-war edition was issued by Kyoto Hanga-In).

ref. no.:  # 662226
In this series, - aka: "Occupations of the Showa Era in Pictures" -, Sanzo Wada, a.o., had wanted to give samples of the fast modernisation of Japan, as was the case in the field pf photography. Compared to the large size of late 19th century photographic equipment, cameras developed in the 1920s had become much handier, and flash light came into use in the 1930s.

WADA, Sanzo had graduated from the Western-style painting division of the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1904 . He then studied in Europe, from 1907 -1915. Traveled to India and Burma. Was appointed member of the Imperial Fine Art Academy in 1927. Taught at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts from 1932. WADA had started this series of prints on Showa era occupations in 1938; it was interrupted by war shortages in 1943 after the completion of 48 designs; another 24 designs were published from 1954 - 58.

Merritt / Yamada, "Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints 1900-1975"; Honolulu, 1992.

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