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(1859 - 1920)
Tadanobu fighting the priest Yokogawa
- Original preparatory drawing of the published print -

Black ink (sumi) and watercolors on thin paper.

Signed:                     Gekko (right panel)
Size:                          oban triptych (c. 38 x 27 cms / 15" x 10 1/2", each sheet)
The print was
published by:            Matsuki Heikichi
Publishing date:       1892

Excellent condiiton: MINT.

Ex collection Mizuno TOSHIKATA (the print artist, 1866-1908)

ref. no.: #S 662275
Price:  € 2,600.00
Tadanobu (one of Yoshitsune's men) wears the costume of Yoshitsune and fights against the priest, Yokogawa Kakuhan, in Yoshinoyama.

Sample of the published print (we are very much interested in the acquisition of a copy the published print!)

- picture courtesy of the Ogata Gekko website -

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