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(1859 - 1920)
Tadanobu fighting the priest Yokogawa
- Original preparatory drawing of the published print -

Black ink (sumi) and watercolors on thin paper.

Signed:                     Gekko (right panel)
Size:                          oban triptych (c. 38 x 27 cms / 15" x 10 1/2", each sheet)
The print was
published by:            Matsuki Heikichi
Publishing date:       1892

Excellent condiiton: MINT.

Ex collection Mizuno TOSHIKATA (the print artist, 1866-1908)

ref. no.: #S 662275
Price:  € 2,600.00
Tadanobu (one of Yoshitsune's men) wears the costume of Yoshitsune and fights against the priest, Yokogawa Kakuhan, in Yoshinoyama.

Sample of the published print:

- picture courtesy of the Ogata Gekko website -

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