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(artist's name unread)
A printing (key-) block and numerous impresions, depicting:
The Seven Lucky Gods approaching Kyoto on their treasure ship(*) on New Year's Day
- Also depicted are CRANE (middle left) and TURTLE (bottom right) = symbols of LONGEVITY -


- Detail of Key-block and sample print -

Publisher:          Bora House, Kyoto
Date:                   (not dated) 20th century
Block size:          c. 23. 5 x 33. 5 cms / c. 9.25" x 13.2")
Condition:          Fine.

The key block comes with numerous impressions of this work (printed from this block)!

ref. no.: # 702558
Price:    €  980.00 (for the key-block and almost ONE HUNDRED IMPRESSIONS of the work!)
The SEVEN LUCKY GODS ( Shichi Fukujin ) form a group of auspicious Japanese ghosts compiled during the Muromachi period (c. 1336-1573). Originally, they mostly come from religious traditions different from the local Shinto. - They elucidate the syncretism, typical of Japanese religion.

(*) According to legend, the Seven Lucky Gods enter the harbor on their treasure boat Takarabune. This vessel carries SEVEN IMMATERIAL TREASURES: Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience, Learning, Bravery, Prosperity and Long Life, Happiness and Satsifaction, but also Five MATERIAL TREASURES: the Inexhaustible Moneybag, the Invisible-making Hat, the Lucky Coat, the Wooden Hammer of Wealth, and the Ghost-chasing Rat.

On the days following New Year, many Japanese go to visit the shrines of the Seven Lucky Gods, and also place a picture of them or of Takarabune under their pillow to thus evoke auspicious dreams.

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