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TOSHIKATA, Mizuno   (1866 - 1908) Picture of an advance-guard of seven men from our Navy
landing courageously near Wei-Hai-Wei

(Battle during the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-5)

Signed:                    motome ni ojite Toshikata
Seaed:                      Toshikata
Date:                        Meiji 28 March 1895
Publisher:                Matsuki Heikichi
Size:                          oban triptych (c. 35.5 x 24 cms / 14" x 9.5", each sheet)

EXCELLENT impression and color, fine condition.
Spectacular effects achieved through the application
of gofun (opaque white) to depict heavy snowfall.

One of the artistically best war triptychs of the entire Meiji period.

ref. no.:  # 712646
- SOLD -
"A suicide squadron of seven men came ashore under heavy fire in the battle of Weihaiwei. Shortly after landing they scaled the hills leading to the gate of the fort and threw the gate open for their companions."
"TOSHIKATA's composition is deeply rooted in Japanese painting and in the mid-19th century printed triptychs of Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi. The anecdotal nature of this print is characteristic of the artist's style." (de Sabato Swinton)

- Elizabeth de Sabato Swinton, In Battle's Light - Woodblock Prints of Japan's Early Modern Wars; Worcester Art Museum, 1991; p.77, no. #43; col. ill.
- Nathan CHAIKIN, The Sino-Japanese War; 1983; no. 81, p. 101, and col. ill. p.192.
(Both publications give further information on the events and the scene here depicted.)

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