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(1797 - 1858)

Ogura Imitation of the Hundred Poets
no. 28: Kawana Gorô Imakuni

Signed:                   Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga, with kiri seal.
Publisher:              Iba-ya Sensaburo
Censor's seal:        Kinugasa
Date:                       1847-48
Size:                        oban tate-e (c. 36.5 x 25 cms / c. 14.3" x 9.8")

EXCELLENT impression with fresh, unfaded colors, a small,
inconspicuous pinhole, else in fine condition; original album backing.

ref. no.:              # 712767
Price:                 € 650.00
Kanawa Goro Imakuni pouring sake on to the ground from a ladle; he took part in the slaying of Soga no Iruka in 645, an episode that forms the background to the populat play Imoseyama. - The poem is by Minamoto no Muneyuki Ason.

The complete series consists of 100 designs, 51 are by Kuniyoshi, 35 by Hiroshige, andf 14 by Kunisada. The set is numbered throughout in the left-hand margin. - The main subjects are mostly from history and legend, but as the series proceeds the dramatic (kabuki) element becomes increasingly prominent. The upper part of each print is divided off and contains, on the right, the title in large formal script; on the left, the name and poem of the poet concerned.

For a detailed description of what is depicted in the print, including the translatiuon of the poem, see:
- Herwig / Mostow, The Hundred Poets Compaired; Hotei Publishing; Leiden & Boston, 2007; no. 28, pp. 90-91.

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