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Morikage, Kusumi (1620 - 1690) Monkeys in a tree at full moon

Signed:                     Morikage fude
Publisher:                Shima Art Co. (after the 17th century painting)
Published:                1930s
Size:                          tanzaku  (c. 38.5 x 17 cms / 15" x 6 1/2")

Very good impression, color and condition.

ref. no.: # 722843
Price:  € 680.00
MORIKAGE, born in Kaga, lived mostly in Kyoto. He was a pupil of Kano Tan'yu. After 1675 summoned by the head of the Kaga clan to Kanazawa, where he stayed until 1680. He is said to have got into trouble with the shogunate and to have been banished to Sado, where he died.

Morikage was one of Tan'yu's four great pupils, with whose work his own is often confused, but more free and original than his master. He, supposedly, had been dismissed from the Kano school, perhaps for not following the Chinese style encouraged by the Kano artists. Morikage's works comprises a broad range of subjetcs: good landscapes, kacho-ga (as our example introduced here), figures, genre, farm life, Buddhist themes. - A most interesting , individual painter and a fine draftsman.

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