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(1797 - 1858)
Famous Places in the Sixty-odd Provinces  ('Roku-ju-yosshu meisho zue')
Pine Groves at Kehi, Turuga - Echizen Province

Signed:                      Hiroshige ga
Publisher's seal:       Koshihei
Date:                          09/1853
Size:                           oban tate-e (c. 35 x 24 cms / 13.8" x 9 1/2")

EXCELLENT impression and color; two
small, thin paper hinges au verso, blank
margins partly trimmed, else very good condition.

Early impression ==> FIRST STATE! ( below)

ref. no.: # 732872
Price: € 4,500.00
This copy of the print is a VERY EARLY, - FIRT STATE -, impression, indicated not only by numerous, more elaborate printing highlights which are missing in later impressions, but also by three small block breaks in the water which are absent in later impressions when the entire section of the water was replaced. A very similar impression is found in the publication below, showing the entire series from the Prof. Gerhard Pulverer collection, comprising to a large degree very early, first-state, impressions.

Marije Jansen, "Hiroshige's journey in the 60-odd provinces"; Hotei Publishing, Amsterdam, 2004; no. 31, pp. 90-91.

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