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(1883 - 1921)
Brocade from Edo ('Edo no nishiki'):
- i.e.: Beautiful young women from Edo in color prints -

Signed:                    Terukata with artist's seal.
Publisher:                Akiyama Buemon
Date:                        c. 1910
Size:                         oban yoko-e (36 x 25 cms / c. 14" x 10")

EXCELLENT impression, fresh, unfaded colors; black
lacquer overprinting of hairdo and sleeves.
- Extremely RARE in such spectacular condition. - MINT!

Apart from the four works by TERUKATA presented in this gallery section,
an upright bijin print by the artist is shown in ==> part IV of this gallery section.

ref. no.: #732890
Price:    € 680.00

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