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KUNISADA I, Utagawa (1786 - 1865)
HIROSHIGE II, Utagawa (1829 - 1869)
From the series: Thirty-six Views of the Eastern Captal
- A bijin playing the koto / a scenery of Kasumigaseki in the backgound -

Signed:                        ki-o Toyokuni ga
                                     ('painted by the 77 years old Toyokuni')
Publisher:                   (seal unread)
Date:                           1862
Size:                            chuban yoko-e (c. 22 x 28 cms / c. 8 1/2" x 11")
                                    - An uncut fan print -

Very good impression, color and condition.

ref. no.: # 732979
Price:  € 2,700.00
This fan print is a joint-works between Kunisada I and Hiroshige II. The former designed the bijin in the foreground, playing the koto, while the background scenery was taken from a print of a series designed by the latter.

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