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(1797 - 1861)

Mitate hakkei: takeadono no rakugan
('Selection for the Eight Views')

Signed:                   Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga, with kiri seal.
Publisher:              Enshu-ya Matabei
Censor's seal:        Mura
Date:                      1846
Size:                       ôban triptych (c. 37.x x 25 cms / c. 14 1/2" x 9 7/8", EACH SHEET)

Very good impression, color and condition;
tiny binding holes along the margins.

- Three separate sheets as issued. -

ref. no.:   732980
Price:      € 1,750.00
Masakado drinking sake on a terrace with Kikyô-no-Mae and other ladies watching the flight of wild geese (in the yr. 939).
The woodblock-print series Mitate hakkei comprises eight triptychs.

- Robinson, "Kuniyoshi - The Warrior Prints"; Oxford,1982; triptych series: 'T177', p. 177.

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