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(1797 - 1858)
The Fifty-three Famous Views of the Tokaido
station no. #37: Akasaka

Signed:                      Hiroshige fude
Publisher's seal:       Tsuta-ya Kichizô
Censor's seal:           aratame
Date:                         7th month, 1855
Size:                          oban tate-e (c. 35.2 x 24.5 cms / c. 13 7/8" x 9 1/2")

Very good impression and color; a faint, inconspicuous,
horizontal centerfold; two tiny pieces of backing
paper at reverse side margins, else in fine condition.

ref. no.: # 732981
Price: € 1,450.00
Print no. 37 from the so-called "Upright Tokaido" series. - The road, with signposts and tall pine trees, winds through rice-fields to the distant village at right. In the foreground, a man is beating a lad with a stick. Above is the crescent moon.
The translation of the text in the yellow cartouche is as follows: "Yajirô beats Kitahachi on Nawate street, taking him for a fox." - The two characters are the protagonists of the picaresque novel by Juppensha Ikku, Tôkaidôchû hizakurige ('On a Shoemaker's Pony along the Tôkaidô'), published in 1802). This novel tells of the comical adventures the two fools encountered during their travels along the Tôkaidô road.

NOTE: there also exists, printed from the same blocks, an edition of the entire series on crêpe paper.

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