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Utagawa YOSHITORA   (fl. 1850 - 1880) Picture of People of the Five Nations: A Sunday gathering
('Gokakoku jinbutsu: Dontaku no zu')

Signed:                      Yoshitora ga
Date:                         12/1861
Publisher:                 Yamashiro-ya Jibei
Size:                           ôban triptych (c. 36.8 x 75.5 cms / c. 14 1/2" x 29 5/8", all three sheets)

Very good impression, fine color and condition.

ref. no.:  # 743028
Price:  € 2,800.00
Foreign merchants, officers, and ladies gather for refreshments in a setting that represents a mercantile establishment along the Yokohama waterfront.
The Five (treaty) Nations were the USA, Great Britain, The Netherlands, France and Russia.

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