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(1839 - 1892)
Mirror of Famous Commanders of Great Japan
Michinoomi no Mikoto

Signed:                         ôju Yoshitoshi
Seal:                             Taiso
Date:                            20th FEB 1880
Publisher:                    Funazu Chûjirô
Size:                              ôban tate-e (c. 36 x 24 cms / c. 14" x 9 3/4")

Fine impression and color, very few minute
specks, else in fine condition.
- Impression from an early edition. -

ref. no.:  # 743068
Price:     € 650.00
The series, "Dai Nippon meishô kagami" depicts portraits of famous warriors of Japan. - Here, Michinoomi no Mikoto, a companion in the army of Emperor Jimmu, following a crow to the enemy's lair.
Reference:   Schaap, "Beauty and Violence ...", series 27, no. 38.

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