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KUNISADA I (1786-1865) and
HIROSHIGE II (1829 - 1869)

Mitsuuji(*) in the Maruyama Pleasure District
of Nagasaki looking at ships in the harbour

Signed:                   Hiroshige ga and Toyokuni (= Kunisada) ga
Publisher:              Mori-ya Jihei
Date seal:               aratame ('examined'), 3rd month, Year of the cock (= 3/1861)
Size:                        ôban triptych (c. 36.x x 25 cms / c. 14 1/8" x 9 7/8", each sheet)

FINE impression, excellent, unfaded
colors, fine overall condition.

- Three separate sheets as issued. -

ref. no.:   743078
Price:      € 1,500.00

(*) Mitsu-uji is a samurai protagonist of "A Fraudulent Murasaki's Rustic Genji".

- It was the writer, Ryûtei Tanehiko (1783-1842), who completely rewrote The Tale of Genji as a gôkan (popular literature published in bound volumes) in thirty-eight chapters. The protagonist, Mitsuuji, modeled on the courtier Genji, the "Shining Prince", is a son of the shogun who poses as a philanderer in the licensed pleasure quarters.

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