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(1839 - 1892)
From: Fifty Heroes of the Suikoden ('Biyû Suikoden')
no. #3: Kokuun-oji, named: 'The Black Spider'

Signed:                         Keisai Yoshitoshi hitsu
Date:                            1867, 4th month
Publisher:                    Ômiya Kyûjirô
Size:                              chûban tate-e (c. 24 x 18 cms / c. 9 1/2" x 7")

Very good impression and color;
in very good general condition.

- A masterly work from Yoshitoshi's earliest period. -

ref. no.:  # 743079
- Sold -
KOKUUN (Kurogumo)-oji named the prince "Black Spider". The earth-spider from the mountain Katsurayama is teaching him the magic of the spiders to prepare him for an attempt on Yorimitsu's life.

Ruetz, "Yoshitoshi Taiso - Fünfzig Helden des Suikoden"; Munich, 1987; no.3.

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