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(1902 - 1960)
La Balance - "Chinois"
'The Scale - Chinese'

Signed:               Paul Jacoulet (in pencil)
Sealed:               Tea Jar, below the signature
Carver:              Maeda
Editon no.:         Limited edition no.: "175/250" (= FIRST edition); fewer than 220 actually had been printed.
Published:          5 February 1939
Size:                    Large ôban; c. 48 x 36 cms / c. 19" x 14" (the entire sheet).

Superb impression, perfect preservation of the delicate
vegetable color pigments, - in (a rare) MINT condition.

Limited edition no.: # 175/250 (stamped au verso).
- Printed on watermarked, hand-made paper. -

ref. no.: # 753107
Price:    € 7,900.00
"This superficially simple print is extraordinary in several ways. The pattern on the Mandarins' hats is the result of three pressings of the three shades of black and grey on top of the basic grey impression (not clearly visible, - only in our picture). Although without the use of metallic or lacquer color elements (the wartime exigences were upon him) Jacoulet achieved a remarkable richness by repeating his red pigment in a descending triangle. Note the breaks in the color of the glasses and the use of a faint shading of beard to add realism. The delicately held yellow money bag and the anxious look on the upper figure conveys all we need to know about the feelings involved in a commercial transaction". (R. Miles)

Richard Miles, "The Prints of Paul Jacoulet"; Pacific Asia Musem and Robert G. Sawers Publishing; Pasadena and London; 1982, cat. p. 101, no. 54.

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