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Utagawa YOSHIIKU (1833 - 1904) Two prints from the series:
Portraits as True Likeness in the Moonlight

Signed:                         Ikkeisai Yoshiiku utsusu
Date:                             1867
Publisher:                    Hirookaya and Marutoku
Size:                              ôban tate-e (c. 34 x 23.5 cms / c. 13 1/4" x 9 1/4", each)

FINE impression and color, margins very
slightly trimmed, else in fine condition.

ref. no.:  # 753117-18
Price:     € 840.00 (for the pair)
The left print depicts the actor, Genjuro; the print at right, the actor Ichikawa Sadanji I (1842-1904).

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