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(fl. c. 1720s - 1760)
The actors Segawa Kikunojo as Oiso no Tora, and
Kameya Jujiro as Soga no Juro Sukenari

Signed:                        Torii Kiyonobu hitsu
Date:                            1/1737
Publisher:                   Nakajima Izaemon
Size:                             hosoban (c. 32 x 14 cms / c. 12 5/8" x 5 1/2")

FINE impression. Urushi beni-e with hand-applied
color: tan, yellow, light beni, gold powder and lacquered
sumi over embossed pattern. Slightly toned with some
fading of color, signs of former mounting au verso.

- Very good condition for such an early work from the
so-called 'Primitive' period of the Japanese woodblock
print. - VERY RARE. -

ref. no.:  # 753125
- Sold -
An early print showing the actor Segawa Kikunojo as Oiso no Tora looking down at Kameya Jujiro as Soga no Juro Sukenari who is leaning on a shogi board (Japanese chess). The play "Hatsu hikage maizuru Soga" was performed at the Nakamura-za Theatre in 1/1737.

Ex collection Dr E.F. (1978).

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