NAKAGAWA, Kigen (1892 - 1972)
Ferry Boats

Two ferry boats are sailing on a river, one is
carrying an ox, the other three people and a bicycle.

Painting on paper, carefully mounted on a paper scroll;
bamboo rollers on the bottom end of the scroll.
Watercolor and sumi on paper. - Date: c. 1950.

Variously patterned papers framing the painting: moss green and dark
olive green papers; the linear cloth at the top and bottom of the painting
decorated with flower patterns embroidered on dark green colored silk.

Artist's signature with two seals.
Size of scroll: c. 49 1/8" x 23"
Size of painting: c. 15 3/4" x 19 1/2"
The item comes in a new kiri (paulownia wood) box.

In very good condition.

ref. no.: # 753126
price: € 1,100.00

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