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(1898 - 1972)
"Woman sitting in a Chair"
Isu ni suwaru onna

Original preparatory pencil drawing. - VERY RARE! -

Dated:                  1950, 11th May
Size of sheet:       c. 35.5 x 26.2 cms / c. 14" x 10 1/4")

Condition:  Very good. - Attached to a presentation paper.

The drawing comes with a certificate of authenticity
by the copyright owner of Shinsui's works.

ref. no.: # 753127
- Sold -

Isu ni suwaru onna ('Woman Sitting in a Chair'). A very rare pencil drawing by Shinsui. This sketch had been kept in Shinsui's family, - precisely by his second son, Ito Manyo and his wife, Midori. - As of 2015, their son and his wife, have the copyright of Shinsui's works.

Shinsui's seal, as proof of authenticity of this hand-drawn sketch by him, is stamped on the bottom right, together with the date, hand-written in pencil: "Showa 25-nen go-gatsu juichi nichi" (1950, May 11th). His family member and copyright holder's signature: "Ito Midori", as well as her stamped seal, come with the drawing on a separate card, as another authentication (see picture at right).

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