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KOKUNIMASA, Utagawa (Ryûa)
(1874 - 1944)
Mounted Bandits Destroy the Manchuria Railway
- (Telegraph Dispatches from the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05) -

Signed:                    Ryûa, with seal: Ryûa
Date:                        February 1904
Size:                         ôban triptych (ca. 38 x 25.5 cms / c. 15" x 10", each sheet)

FINE impression, colors and condition.
- Three separate sheets as issued.-

ref. no.:  # 753134
Price:     € 750.00
Japanese title of the triptych: Bazoku Manshu tetsudo wo hakai su.
Series title: Telegraph Dispatches from the Russo-Japanese War ('Nichiro senso denpo jikki')

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