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(1902 - 1960)
Les Enfants aux Yeux Jaunes, Ohlol - Est Carolines
('The Yellow-Eyed Boys, Ohlol - East Carolines')

Signed:               Paul Jacoulet (in pencil)
Sealed:               Butterfly, below the signature
Carver:              Maeda
Editon no.:         Limited edition no.: "110/150"; - actually, fewer than 100 had been printed !
Published:          25 November 1940
Size:                    Large ôban; c. 47 x 36 cms / c. 18 1/2" x 14" (the entire sheet).

EXCELLENT impression and color, perfect preservation of the delicate
vegetable color pigments, - very RARE, particularly in such SUPERB condition.

Limited edition no.: # 110/150 (stamped au verso).
- Printed on watermarked, hand-made paper. -

ref. no.: # 753177
"Although Jacoulet depicted his island models in full frontal poses often in his sketches, this is his first pair of figures that challenge the viewer in such an un-Japanese way in a print. The unusual eyecolor, and the subtle variation in skintone make this simple design one of Jacoulet's most successful." (R. Miles)

Richard Miles, "The Prints of Paul Jacoulet"; Pacific Asia Musem and Robert G. Sawers Publishing; Pasadena and London; 1982, cat. p. 105-106, no. 71.

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