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(1902 - 1960)
Le Mandarin aux Lunettes, Mandchoukuo
('The Mandarin with Glasses, Manchuria')

Signed:                Paul Jacoulet (in pencil)
Sealed:                Mandarin Duck
Carver:               Maeda
Printer:               Onodera
Editon no.:         ('Present' seal, au verso)
Published:          22 May 1950
Size:                    Large ôban; c. 47 x 36 cms / c. 18 1/2" x 14" (the entire sheet).

Superb impression, perfect preservation of the delicate
vegetable color pigments, - in (a rare) MINT condition.

ref. no.: # 763228
Price:    € 3,200.00
"This imposing portrait is the equivalent in technical complexity (of only two or three other works by the artist),... which may have reached the ultimate in richness:
The Mandarin's sleeve is printed in three shades of grey with urushi stripes and silver metallics". (R. Miles) - NOTE the mica of the lenses, made by using crushed pearls, and the delicate floral and bird designs with silver metallic pigments filling the entire background (see detail picture on the 'view print' page (though the picture does not entirely reveal its true splendor). -

"During this period (around 1950) Jacoulet was reaching the peak of his financial life, with increasing numbers of subscribers. He poured much of his profit into increasingly costly materials." (R. Miles)

Richard Miles, "The Prints of Paul Jacoulet"; Pacific Asia Musem and Robert G. Sawers Publishing; Pasadena and London; 1982, cat. p. 113, no. 106.

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