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(1838 - 1912)
The Hundred Moons at Sarashina

Signed:                 Yoshu Chikanobu
Publisher:             Takegawa Unokichi
Dated:                   1891
Size:                       ôban triptych  (c. 37.5 x 25.3 cms / 14 3/4" x 10" - each sheet)

SUPERB impression and color, in fine condition. Elements of the
design overprinted with black lacquer and enhanced by gauffrage.

FULL SIZE with margins. - Three separate sheets as issued. -
RARE in this excellent impression, color and condition.

ref. no.:  # 756046
- Sold -
Four kimono clad women, outside a rustic pavilion where tea and sweets are available, are watching multiple reflections of the moon in the paddy fields at Sarashina in Shinano Province (Nagano Prefecture). An old man and a young boy are walking along a path, and a man in a Western style hat is climbing the stone steps to a Bashô memorial adjacent to the large boulder called 'Granny Rock' (ô-baishi). - This famous view was well known to travelers and even illustrated by HIROSHIGE in a print of his "Sixty-Nine Provinces" series of 1853. -

(Bruce A. Coates, Chikanobu - Modernity and Nostalgia in Japanese Prints; Scripps College & Hotei Publishing, Leiden, 2006; p.138, plate no. 157.

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