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GOYO, Hashiguchi   (1880 - 1921) WOMAN HOLDING A TRAY

Dated and signed center right:

Taisho kyunen ichigatsu Goyo ga
('Taisho 9 (1920), January, picture by Goyo),
followed by circular artist's seal reading Goyo

Privately published
Size:  c.  38.4 x 25.2 cms ('dai-oban')

Excellent impression, colors and condition. Mint.
Perfect dark mica background.

ref. no.: # 52 1123
Goyo's prints were based on his own pencil or brush drawings and fortunately many of these are still extant. For his bijin prints, Goyo often used waitresses as his models. In this print, for example, the model is reported to have been a Kyoto waitress named Onao. The background has been produced using dark black-gray mica and is unusual among Goyo's work.
A versatile artist, Goyo produced paintings, watercolors, pen- and ink drawings and, numerous illustrations, especially book covers.... His research into Ukiyo-e prints certainly influenced his artistic evolution and by the end of his short career, he had devised a style that combined his training in western-style realism with his knowledge of ukiyo-e.
Despite his diverse activities, Goyo is still best-known in the West for his work in the woodblock medium. This is surprising when considering that only thirteen prints were issued during his lifetime: eight bijinga, five landscapes and one in the bird-and-flower genre, and all but two were published in 1920.
Quotes from: Amy Reigle Stephens, a.o., "The New Wave"; London, 1993, pp. 127-128, where another impression of this print is illustrated in color (no. #130).

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