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(fl. 1875 - 95)
Preparatory brush drawings in sumi (black ink) on paper with red underdrawing,
and two small studies of the angler's head.

Date:                     c. 1880-90
Paper size:            30. 5 x 24. 5 cms / c. 12" x 9 5/8"

The drawing is in very good condition.

ref. no.: # S-428d
- Sold -

An angler is sitting on a rock holding a fishing rod, a basket to his right. This interesting drawing conveys a good insight into the development of a preliminary drawing: apart from a small study of the anglerís head and the first rough outline of the full-figure depiction in red color, we notice an (- at first sight confusing -) structure around the head which looks like the type of helmet used in kendo fights (see (left) detail picture). Apparently, these lines serve as a drawing guideline to correctly catch the faceís proportions.

TOSHIMITSU was a pupil of Yoshitoshi, he worked towards the end of the 19th century. According to Yoshida in Ukiyo-e jiten he had designed a number of drawings of the Satsuma rebellion of 1877 - see a triptych and preparatory drawing by YOSHITOSHI dealing with the same subject, - currently shown  H E R E -.

- Henderson, An exhibition of line drawings by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi; London, 1977.
- Henderson, Japan in Transition - Drawings of the Meiji Period; London, 1983.

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