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WANG BING  (b. 1961) Spiritual Journey

ref. no.: # WB003

Signed:                        Wang Bing (in kanji, in pencil)
Dated:                          1993 (in pencil)
Size:                             c. 66 x 96 cms / 26" x 37 3/4"
Limited edition no.:   31/300
Technical data:           Woodblock print, printed with oil color on handmade Anhui paper.

The design is composed of three vertical sheets, mounted on backing paper.

Condition:                   Very good.
Price:                           € 2,800.00
"WANG BING was born in Gannan, province of Gansu. His home in the Tibetan highlands has strongly shaped his work, be that the wild moutain landscape, or the wide plains, the simplicity of rural life which is so much rooted in the country's traditions, or the Buddhist forms of life. Wang Bing's creative strength is his ability to change the visual space by exciting combinations, to newly weave the net between man an nature..."
(Distant Shangrila - Wood Carving Prints by Wang Bing, Hoke Art Collections, Taipeh, 1997.)

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