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WATANABE Shoeki (b. 1848 in Osaka) Suzu, a dancer's bell placed on a lacquer stand
- large Meiji period surimono with poems -

Signed:                     oju Shoeki
Sealed:                     Shoeki
Published:                c. 1870
Size:                          dai-oban surimono: c. 36 x 50 cms / c. 14 1/8" x 19 3/4"

Fine impression, color and condition.
Bell and stand elaborately printed, with the use of lacquer
over-printing, paper embossing and gold-color pigements.

ref. no.: # 632050
Price: € 490.00
Three other large surimono are shown in this gallery section, as well as others in the  ARCHIVE section (of items SOLD in the past).

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