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TADAMASA, Ueno (1904-1970) From the series: Kumadori juhachi-ban ('Eighteen kabuki make-ups')
- Make-up for an actor in the role of the Earth Spider -

Artist' seal:                  Tadamasa, with the artist's seal
Publisher's seal:          Watanabe
Date:                             c. 1940
Size:                              oban tate-e (c. 40 x 27.5 cms / c. 15" x 10")

EXCELLENT impression and color. - MINT.
With black color areas overprinted with gray color tones and
black lacquer, also highlighted by the use of silver 'mica',
applied to the spider's web on the actor's costume, - see
detail pic next page. - Two small paper hinges au verso.

ref. no.: #732880
Price:  € 680.00
From the series Kumadori Juhachi-ban ('Eighteen Kabuki Make-ups'), which shows examples of kumadori (theatrical facial make-ups in Kabuki). This print demonstrates the make-up of an actor in the role of the Earth Spider.

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