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Katsukawa SHUNSHÔ
(1726 - 1792)
The actor, Nakajima MIHOEMON as Asahina

Signed:                         Shunshô ga
Date:                            c. 1780
Size:                              hosoban (c. 28.5 x 14 cms / c. 11 1/8" x 5 1/2")

Very good impression, good color, trimmed,
else in very good general condition.

ref. no.:  # 753153
Price:     € 790.00
The actor, NAKAJIMA MIHOEMON II (1724 - 1782), as Asahina, who was reknowned for his Herculean strength; he took part in the revolt of his father against the Hôjô (1213), and distinguished himself by his feats of prowess. His party having been defeated, he fled, as some say, to Kikai-ga-shima (Ryûkyû), and, acccording to others, to Koma (Korea).

Former Felix TIKOTIN (1893-1986 and Louis (Loek) BORENSZTAJIN (1935-2021) collections.

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